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State-of-the-art wall panels: Artstone

The panel systems are produced using 20% fiberglass, 70% ecological resin (isophtalic, low in stress, 1st class polyester) and 10% natural stone dust and prepared with special coloring methods.

The weight of the panels per squarefoot and their thickness vary depending on the model. While their weight vary between 1,22 - 2,04 lb/sqft, their thickness is between 0,28" and 0,47", their depth range from 0,39" to 1,57". Panel dimensions are ~4’ 3¼” x 9’ 10⅛”. It takes approximately 43 sqft space.

Artstone wall panels have "A2 non-flammability certificate" with their feature of being used in exterior spaces. They have a wide interval range in terms of heat resistance (-40/+176 F), resistance to water and humidity, minimum values of expansion and tensile. They do not impose any additional burden to construction statics due to their lightweight.

The panels are not affected by water, humidity and sun due to the fact that they are made of fiberglass and a material that is not affected by water and humidity. With reference to technical data, there is no deformation and deformation between -40 and +176 F degrees. Its thermal resistance is 1472 F. Artstone panels do not include any carcinogenic materials, it has been certified that it is not harmful to human health or environment.