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Brands we carry

Lineadecor Kitchens

Lineadecor creates difference in the sector with its superiority in production, material quality, and creative design approach. The company closely monitors developments in the world with its in-house research, production and development activities; and leads many improvements.


The product range becomes richer every day so as to enhance the capabilities of the modular kitchen with its aesthetic and modern line along with different designs to meet customer expectations with different solutions in the kitchen.


Majorca Porcelain Tiles

Fibrocon proudly provides the Italian tile brand, Majorca Ceramiche, to the US market. Majorca Ceramiche combines Italian design with quality to bring the best porcelain tiles to life.


Majorca Ceramiche tiles come in different finishes; like natural, polished, lappato and matte. All of the tile collections are rectified - for perfect applications.


Majorca Ceramiche offers tiles in various sizes, from small sizes like 4”x4” or 8”x8” to large sizes like 24”x48” and 40”x40”.


Artstone Wall Panels

The panel systems are produced using 20% fiberglass, 70% ecological resin (isophtalic, low in stress, 1st class polyester) and 10% natural stone dust and prepared with special coloring methods.


The weight of the panels per m² and their thickness vary depending on the model. While their weight vary between 6-10 kg/m², their thickness is between 7  and 12 mm, their depth range from 10 to 40 mm. Panel dimensions are ~130X300 cm. It takes approximately 4m² space.


TONK Concrete Tiles

Fibrocon brings in an extraordinary identity to living quarters by combining 3D effects of geometric forms with concrete Tonk elements.

Tonk Project has a flexible and variable selection. Each design has a modular structure which can be personalized with additional pieces. This property provides people opportunity to design their own walls according to their own taste, preference and imagination by playing with tiles.

There are five series of TONK tiles: Start-up Series (Dizzy, Pix, Nut, Tilt, Lots), Time Series (Moment, Higg, Gama), New Lines (Sense, Nest, Bent), Cladding Panels and Special Editions.


Fibronit 3D Wall Panels

Fibrocon provides a three dimensional sensation with Fibronit Tiles for interior surfaces.

Fibronit tiles are made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG), a material that has supreme durability and fire resistance. They come in white and can be painted any color that matches the interior design.

With over 30 styles, Fibronit tiles are a great tool for the Interior Designers. 


Roomba Wallpapers

Roomba offers hundreds of unique designs under 3 main series: Geometric, Indigo and Floral. 


Roomba wallpapers are printed with the latest technology Canon Océ Colorado wide format printing machines (Greenguard certified UL2818). The wallpapers are printed with 100% water based ink, therefore do not contain any solvents or eco solvents. With this feature, they are suitable for kids' rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


Designmixer Wallpapers

Designmixer offers a special line of wallpapers, that are designed by designer Tijen Samuray Öztek and customized by her team.


About Tijen Samuray Öztek:

Tijen Samuray Öztek is a designer and trend expert in the field of textiles and interior design. She has been working with well known design brands in retail sector, consulted for coming trends, designed, developed products and sourced goods from all over the world. Her passion for exploring new cultures and living patterns takes her to different destinations around the globe. Since 2011, she enjoys sharing her experiences, forward thinking, creative vision and inspiring posts on her blog.


Fibrobeton GFRC

Fibrobeton is one the world's leading Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) manufacturers.


Having completed over 3500 projects globally, they are experts in creating stunning facades using this versatile material with the expertise brought on by 32 years of industry experience.


Fibrobeton's design team is ready to work with architects and contractors  to achieve the desired outcome for any size project.

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