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Fibrobeton - GFRC / UHPC


Fibrobeton, Fibrocon's sister company, is one the world's leading Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) manufacturers. Having completed over 3500 projects globally, they are experts in creating stunning facades using this versatile material with the expertise brought on by 32 years of industry experience. Fibrobeton's design team is ready to work with architects and contractors  to achieve the desired outcome for any size project.


Continuing to work with the worlds top and most demanding architects, Fibrobeton's team are experts in design, mold fabrication and complex formwork as well as leading innovators in the industry with their dedication to R&D and QC/QA.


Stud-Framed Curtain Wall Panels

Texture Facade Cladding Panels

Stone and Wood Textured Facade Cladding Panels

Fibrobeton is a concrete product reinforced with alkali- resistant glass fiber and is produced with a thickness of 10-15 mm. Due to its easy molding and easily pourable characteristics, it is a good decorative material with durability and a highly resistant facade cladding material reinforced with a steel frame. It can be produced in any required shape.Fibrobeton is the most prestigious facade material preferred by many in building facades and facade dressings. Fibrobeton construction material is an integral and inseparable part of architecture and of architectural solutions of today.

Fibrobeton offers:
·        Exclusiveness and freedom for architects,
·        Easy and fast mounting for engineers,
·        Economy and easy maintenance for constructors,
·        Aesthetic value and trust for users.


Thermally Insulated Facade Systems

Fibrofombeton is a brand new external wall concept with a flexible use. It is lighter… more aesthetic… more economic. It’s applied fast and is much more reliable than other solutions. It is a functional system with lower operating costs. It is resistant to water, heat and fire, especially resistant to earthquakes.

The system offers not only a waterproof structure but also heat insulation which reduces the power consumption of the building. This is of critical importance when energy costs are taken into account. Turkey is an earthquake prone country; Fibrofombeton composite panels have been designed to combat earthquakes. Necessary tests and studies have been conducted to ensure its security and it is certified against earthquakes. 

Fast and economical installation possibilities, light weight, aesthetic solutions to different creative solutions, color alternatives, long-lasting and atmospheric conditions for compatibility Fibrofombeton`s highlights some of the advantages.

Fibrofreeform / Fibro-multiform

Organic and Parametric Facade Cladding

Ground breaking innovation from the World GRC Leader,  Fibrobeton: 
Fibrobeton-Multiform Technology

Facade coverings are produced in the required form that are not self-repeating.
The Fibrobeton-Multiform Technology stretches the imagination of designers.
It provides an opportunity for the architectural world where designs can be created more independently and more uniquely.

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