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Purkay Epoxy Surfaces

Purkay is one of the leading self-levelling epoxy flooring product manufacturers in Europe, focused on industrial, decorative and athletic facility flooring.

Industrial Flooring:

Industrial type epoxy and polyurethane based floor coatings are resilient floorings with excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and high load carrying capability. They are commonly instaled in chemical plants, pharma industry, food and beverage production areas, textile industry, storage areas etc where hygene and cleanliness is important.

Decorative Flooring:

With epoxy and polyurethane based decorative coatings one can create efect such as; EbruArt: marble effect coatings, concrete look alike epoxy  coatings,  metalic coloured epoxy coatings, Lava-flow: molten metal look epoxy coatings as well as PolyNatural: two-tone PU self levelling coatings. 

Athletic Facility Flooring:

Polyurethane based sports floor coatings are applied on 4-6-8-10 or 12 mm  rubber mat, they are elastic and  they have the capability of impact damping in order to prevent sport related injuries, they also  have equal ball rebound properties in all points of the surface and they are installed  free of joints creating an uniform sports surface.

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