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AdaWall Wallpaper and Murals

AdaWall Wallpaper Factory

Precision Printing Technology


Precision printing is inspired by photography and materials from the environment. AdaWall's technology reproduces every detail, even the fine lines that are too small for the naked eye. The rich tones and exquisite beauty created by advanced technology are what set design AdaWall apart from the rest. In order to capture the detail in the original drawings and re-create them as wallpaper, the designs are printed using the gravure technique, which is a world-class printing method for achieving maximum detail and tone.

100% Pure Water-Based Inks


High quality, precise printing begins with the finest ingredients. Water-based inks from the Netherlands and Korea realize superb color reproduction plus environment-friendly manufacture. What completes 100% pure water-based inks is the GSE color dispenser, which provides optimized dispensing solutions.


Pinpoint Accuracy


Precision printing can only be realized with precisely engraved print cylinders that replicate even the minutest details. Embossing sheets of nonwoven and paper back using a steel embossing roller and paper ball working in conjunction with each other.


Strict Quality Control System


AdaWall’s extensive expertise in quality management enables the production of the World's Finest Products. Specialized line inspectors are watching key sections to support the process of quality management, which is capped by a rigorous final inspection. All the finished products are put to test and trial applications.


AdaWall's products are sold throughout the whole of Europe, Africa, Russia, the United States, and the Middle East. This enables AdaWall to provide appropriate service for their wallcoverings for a wide range of market sectors such as hotels, office premises, condominiums, public buildings, schools, health care institutions, decoration shops, and stores.




More than 200.000 rolls in stock, delivered to Europe and the Middle East and Russia within 100 hours from a logistics hub.

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